• The Dog House is a legendary New York dive bar, owned by an extraordinary family. Three people, from different back grounds, enter at closing time on separate nights, carrying the world on their shoulders; but by the time each of them leaves after “last call”, their souls are saved, while two of them realize how connected they are.Bruce Reisman

Amazon crew and cast: Yancy Butler, Parker Stevenson, David Chokachi, Adam Jacobs,

So Happy to have been the product of this amazing feature film. Soon on all major streaming Platform.

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PRODUCER/DIRECTOR of the feature length live concert: Adam Jacobs behind the Curtain

Adam Jacob is very famous Broadway start, He is the original Broadway start for Alladin play. I had the honor and the privilege to producer and direct him in his live concert in LA at the end of November. A special thank to the production company Broadwood Media and the mastermind behind everything: the one and only Bruce Reisman, a friend and a mentor. Looking forward for more collaboration with him.

The Concert has been a success and soon many more people will be able to see it.


TYGER TYGER – Production Manager

I have been so happy to be part of this amazing film, I have worked as production manager with a fantastic production team for a story worth to be told. From the Homonym romance this amazing Project has just been finish to be filmed and soon In post production. Tyger Tyger will be in the theater mid year 2019.

During the 90s AIDS crisis, a woman and her group of selfless thieves rob a pharmacy and hit the road to distribute AZT medication, but find themselves trapped in the fringe lands of a law-less psychedelic city of surviving outcasts.

Directed by Kerry Mondragon

An Amazing cast:

Thea Sofie Loch Næss

Dylan Sprouse

Barbara Palvin

Eden Brolin

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Tiger Within Feature Film

Very excited to announce I will be part of this amazing new project: Tiger Within. I will be 1AD and I will have the pleasure and the honor to work with the great award winning director Rafal Zielinski:



“Tiger Within,” a film featuring an unlikely friendship between a homeless teen and a Holocaust survivor sparks larger questions of fear, forgiveness, healing & world peace, starring multiple Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner.


check more information about the feature on IMDb page and stay tuned!


1AD Paris Hilton music video “I Need you”

It has been an honor and a pleasure collaborate with Paris Hilton to realize her latest music video ” I need you”. Has been an great team effort and the result is outstanding. I am very happy. to have been 1AD of this incredible team. Paris is a fantastic person, so kind and very professional. I look forward to collaborate with her again.

Starring: Paris Hilton

Director: Chris Zylka/Cristina Piemonte

DP: Sergio Arguello

If you didn’t see the video yet, here it is: “I need you” Don’t miss to download it from iTunes.